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Currently we see how vulnerable our world can be and all the harm we have been causing IT. We must slow down. If we stop and think, most of our choices are spontaneous towards what’s easier to do or cheaper to buy. Those same choices have consequences attached, they take us to over buy short life low quality products, discard and buy again. Products that lack originality and are purposeless. At Musgo Design we gather all efforts to fights these consumption habits.


What we do?

Our products are built from old woods that had another life, debris from old Portuguese house constructions, like doors, windows, floors and roof structures. We are very careful choosing our materials, including organic varnish, always aiding the local and small familiar businesses, the ones with personality and love. Also our production is conscious of our environment and ecosystems, with no pollution.

"We are not perfect, but we believe that every step and every choice we make is towards a path  to add value and respect for our planet and it’s habitants."

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